Andrew Gillum Making Promises Florida Can’t Afford

TALLAHASSEE, FL – Andrew Gillum’s health care plans are wrong for Florida. Gillum highlighted his extreme agenda on healthcare in a new ad. Americans for Prosperity Action® released the following statement:

“Expanding Medicaid would put Florida’s most vulnerable patients at risk by further limiting their health care choices and would cost the state billions of dollars,” said AFP Action Senior Advisor, Chris Hudson. “Andrew Gillum isn’t prepared to lead because his extreme agenda is based on promises he can’t keep and checks he can’t cash.”

Andrew Gillum is basing his false promise to Floridians in need of better health care on government taking more money from taxpayers so the state can afford expansion, or he’s provided no real details on what other essential services to cut. States that have expanded Medicaid under Obamacare are facing budget crunches because more people enroll than assumed, and per person costs are higher than assumed.

“Fortunately, Florida lawmakers have responsibly helped patients and taxpayers skirt the havoc created by the so-called Affordable Care Act by implementing and considering common sense policies such as Direct Primary Care, expanding tele-medicine, and reforms to ambulatory surgical centers. We need more common sense solutions, not Gillum’s extreme agenda that would result in less access to quality care.”

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