Americans for Prosperity Action-Minnesota Endorses State Legislative Candidates

Americans for Prosperity Action-Minnesota (AFP Action-MN) today announced its endorsement of four candidates for the Minnesota state legislature: Tama Theis (SD-14), John Heinrich (HD-35A), Elliott Engen (HD-36A), and Andrew Myers (HD-45A).

The organization endorsed these candidates based on their support for policies that limit government overreach and expand opportunities for Minnesotans to succeed.

“Minnesota needs state legislators who understand the challenges facing workers and businesses, families and seniors on fixed incomes, who are suffering under the heavy burden of skyrocketing inflation,” said AFP Action MN Senior Advisor Jake Coleman. “These candidates will work to get government out of the way so people can work hard and succeed in an economy that works for everyone.

“AFP Action-MN is proud to support these candidates, and we will work to turn out voters to support them on Election Day,” he said.


Rep. Tama Theis (SD-14)

Rep. Tama Theis has been a supporter of policies that protect Minnesota taxpayers. She was a cosponsor of legislation to prevent a payroll tax increase and opposed legislation to increase estate, state property, capital gains, and dividend taxes. Theis has also supported legislation to increase education choice as a cosponsor of legislation to create education savings accounts and increase parental control of their children’s education. 

John Heinrich (HD-35A)

Rep. John Heinrich understands that state taxes are paid by hardworking men and women who deserve respect. In the state legislature, Heinrich has been an advocate for fiscally responsible spending. He opposed tax increases, such as gas and payroll tax hikes, and advocated for returning surplus funds to the taxpayers. Heinrich has opposed the expansion of special-interest tax credit programs and supports policies that benefit parents and students, such as education savings accounts that empower parents to find opportunities that best meet their children’s learning needs.

Elliott Engen (HD-36A)

When Elliott Engen takes office next year, he can be expected to hit the ground running to break down government barriers that hinder economic expansion and opportunities. He will work to streamline the regulatory process to eliminate harmful regulations and increase access to health care by expanding telehealth. Engen will also support a variety of policies to expand educational opportunities for Minnesota students, including education savings accounts, public school open enrollment, and vocational and apprenticeship programs.

Andrew Myers (HD-45A). Andrew Myers understands that government regulations, no matter how well-intentioned they are, can harm businesses that are trying to grow and create jobs. That’s why in the state legislature, he will work to eliminate harmful and unnecessary regulations that hinder economic development. Myers is expected to advocate for fiscal responsibility, supporting state taxpayers through responsible spending and low taxes.