Americans for Prosperity Action-Florida Announces Support for Six Additional State Legislative Candidates

Tallahassee, FL – Today, Americans for Prosperity Action Florida (AFP Action-FL) announced its endorsement of six candidates for the Florida State Legislature:

  • Jay Trumbull (Senate District 02)
  • Cyndi Stevenson (House District 18)
  • Dean Black (House District 15)
  • Josie Tomkow (House District 51)
  • Tiffany Esposito (House District 77)
  • Juan Carlos Porras (House District 119)

These candidates earned AFP Action-FL’s endorsement by supporting policies and ideas that reinforce the proper role of government and empower people, so more Floridians can build  prosperous lives.


“Florida is known and loved for its freedom-minded approach to our state’s and nation’s most pressing problems. We need lawmakers in Tallahassee who will support policies that empower people to build, innovate, and problem solve, and block any attempts at government overreach to keep our state a competitive place to live and work,” said AFP Action Senior Advisor Skylar Zander. “The candidates we’re endorsing today will help create more opportunities for all Floridians.”



Jay Trumbull (Senate District 02) 

Rep. Jay Trumbull is a policy champion on state spending. He has proven to be fiscally responsible with every taxpayer dollar. He worked to cut and reduce state spending. He has also been a leader against cronyism and corporate welfare, playing a key role in stopping major corporate handouts like film projects and stadium funding. Rep. Trumbull supports health care reform that would allow medical professionals to practice to the full scope of their training to increase access to care in Florida.


Cyndi Stevenson (House District 18) 

Rep. Cyndi Stevenson supports increasing educational opportunities through programs like universal Education Savings Accounts, so every family has the support they need to give their children the education they deserve. Rep. Stevenson has been a key voice on telehealth reform, playing a primary role in expanding telehealth services in Florida.


Dean Black (House District 15) 

Dean Black is a small business owner and rancher who knows the harmful impacts of burdensome regulations on businesses. He will be a strong advocate for reducing government control over privately-owned business operations, so more businesses can prosper. Black also supports increasing educational freedom in Florida.


Josie Tomkow (House District 51) 

Rep. Josie Tomkow is a champion on health care and spending. She supported “Scope of Practice” reform to work towards a more patient-centered health care system and has demonstrated a deep commitment to using taxpayer dollars responsibly. Rep. Tomkow has been an advocate for responsible energy development, working to keep much-needed jobs in the energy sector.


Tiffany Esposito (House District 77)

Tiffany Esposito is devoted to keeping Florida the best place to live and work. She supports occupational licensing reform to reduce burdens on workers. She also advocates for more educational opportunities to further empower parents to select the best education environment to meet their children’s unique learning needs. She will work to further remove the heavy hand of government from people’s lives.


Juan Carlos Porras (House District 119) 

Carlos Porras attended a charter school growing up, positioning him to be a powerful voice in support of educational opportunities. He is a proponent of increasing educational freedom in Florida, so more students can reach their full potential. He will be a strong leader for Florida families. On health care, he supports “Scope of Practice” reform to increase health care accessibility in the state.