Americans for Prosperity Action Endorses Jen Kiggans for VA-02     

Richmond, VA – Americans for Prosperity Action (AFP Action), today, announced its endorsement of Jen Kiggans for reelection for the District 02 House of Representatives seat. 

AFP Action Senior Advisor for Virginia, C.J. Sailor, released the following statement:    

“We are thrilled to endorse Jen Kiggans for reelection in U.S. Congress. As a responsible and pragmatic legislator, Kiggans has consistently championed initiatives that prioritize the well-being of her constituents. At a time when inflation is at its highest, her tireless efforts to streamline government processes, reduce unnecessary regulations, and ensure fiscal accountability showcase her commitment to creating an economy that fosters innovation and prosperity.  

“Additionally, Kiggans has been a vocal proponent of healthcare reforms that prioritize patient choice, competition, and affordability. AFP Action recognizes the importance of endorsing candidates who share our vision for a society in which individuals can flourish and prosper. Jen Kiggans embodies these principles, and we are confident that her continued service will contribute to the advancement of policies that empower individuals and foster economic growth.”