Americans for Prosperity Action Endorses Governor Matt Bevin

Press Release

FRANKFORT, KY– Americans for Prosperity Action® today announced its endorsement of Governor Matt Bevin’s re-election. AFP Action is throwing support behind Governor Bevin for the important policies he’s supported during his tenure in Frankfort and the policies he will continue to champion if re-elected.

AFP Action Senior Advisor Andrew McNeill issued the following statement:

“True to his promises to Kentuckians four years ago, Governor Matt Bevin has upended Frankfort’s status quo. His agenda has created incredible opportunities for individuals to transform their own lives. The list of Gov. Bevin’s accomplishments is long and the common thread running through his policy priorities is the importance of tearing down barriers and giving every Kentuckian the best opportunity to reach their full potential. Matt Bevin has delivered on his promises for Kentuckians. We look forward to seeing the voters reward his leadership in November.”


AFP Action identified several policy buckets in which Gov. Bevin has been identified as a champion:

  • Economic Opportunity: Governor Bevin has been a consistent voice for restoring fiscal responsibility to Frankfort. His policies truly empower everyone to find fulfilling work.
  • Health Care: Gov. Bevin understands that Kentuckians should be able to get the care they need, when they need it, at a price they can afford—period. These policies build a stronger economy that works for all.
  • Educational Freedom: Gov. Bevin is a strong voice for educational opportunities for all of Kentucky’s students. By expanding opportunity, Gov. Bevin ensures an excellent education for every person.
  • Criminal Justice Reform: Gov. Bevin believes in opening doors and providing opportunities to those who have served their time and are looking to rejoin society. Advocacy for these principles helps neighbors beat poverty and addiction, and make our communities safer.

AFP Action Senior Advisor Tim Phillips’ video endorsement can be found here.

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