Alaska Ballot Measure 2 Would Drive Alaskans From the Political Process

Americans for Prosperity Action believes the civil liberties that serve as the foundation of our country — including freedoms of speech, conscience, and the right to peaceably assemble — make it possible for individuals and the groups they support to drive meaningful change.

Alaska Ballot Measure 2 works against that, making it harder for Alaskans to engage in the political process.

Measure 2 lacks clarity. If passed, the measure would significantly increase the legal and financial burden on Alaskans and the groups they support to advocate for the causes that matter to them. Clarity and simplicity in our laws is critical for Alaskans to see and trust the election process.

Measure 2 is troublingly vague. Individuals and small groups who don’t have the resources to decipher overly broad, vague laws will be kept out of the political process. Only the voices of the well-funded and well connected will be heard on election day. That’s why opposition to the initiative has attracted such a diverse mix of groups.

Our laws should be making it easier, not harder, for every Alaskan to have their voice heard in the political process. AFP Action encourages Alaskans to vote no on Ballot Measure 2 to ensure that every Alaskan can continue to have a voice in their elections.