AFP Action Unveils Mississippi State Legislative Candidate Endorsements

Press Release

JACKSON, Miss. – Today, Americans for Prosperity (AFP) Action endorsed six state legislative primary candidates highlighting their leadership on critical issues and their ability to build broad policy coalitions to drive meaningful policy reform and improve lives. These candidates will receive AFP Action’s full grassroots support, as well as a combination of digital, mail and other materials supporting their election.

AFP Action Senior Advisor Trey Dellinger’s statement on the slate of endorsements:

“These candidates have shown a willingness to work with anyone to pass meaningful reform to benefit all Mississippians. Whether it be in the areas of education, criminal justice, or fiscal restraint, each of these candidates has demonstrated a commitment to removing barriers so every Mississippian can succeed. It shows anyone, regardless of political affiliation or ideology, can come together to solve the critical issues facing Mississippians and is why AFP Action proudly endorses these candidates.”

AFP Action is endorsing the following candidates:

Juan Barnett (SD-34): Widely known in the Capitol as a leader on criminal justice reform issues, Juan Barnett was critical to the passage of the Criminal Justice Reform Act (HB-1352), delivering an impassioned defense of the bill in the Senate Judiciary A Committee. Sen. Barnett worked tirelessly to garner support for the bill and secure its passage in committee and on the floor of the Senate.

Jeremy England (SD-51):  Before becoming a candidate for office, Jeremy England has been a dedicated advocate in the community on a variety of issues. He has been a strong advocate for fiscal restraint, lower tax burdens, and increased educational options for all children and parents. He has also demonstrated he can lead broad policy coalitions to address some of the biggest issues facing Mississippians.

Joel Bomgar (HD-58): Rep. Bomgar has been a policy champion since taking office in 2016. He’s advocated for more education options for students and families, such as expanding educational scholarship accounts (ESAs). He’s also been a staunch supporter of meaningful criminal justice reform efforts this past session supporting the Criminal Justice Reform Act (HB 1352). Rep. Bomgar is also a leading voice for fiscal restraint.

Dan Eubanks (HD-25): Rep. Eubanks has demonstrated principled support for restrained government spending, lower taxes, and increased occupational freedom. He also supported HB 33 in 2016, which expanded ESAs for special needs students and supported increased funding for special needs ESAs this legislative session.

Steve Hopkins (HD-7): Rep. Hopkins has a voting record that highlights his fiscal restraint and ability to break barriers by reducing occupational licensing burdens, so people can follow their chosen occupation without unreasonable governmental interference. He’s also been a strong supporter of criminal justice reform, supporting the Criminal Justice Reform Act (HB 1352).

Jason White (HD -48): Rep. White was the author and House sponsor of the Criminal Justice Reform Act (HB 1352)—a bill that transformed Mississippi’s criminal justice system, saved taxpayer dollars by addressing over-incarceration, and provided second chances to individuals while making our communities safer. He also championed HB 623, presenting that bill in committee and on the floor. That bill would have empowered teachers at A and B rated school districts by reducing bureaucratic red tape.

Last month, AFP Action’s Emily Seidel released a memo on the groups new approach to political engagement that included a willingness to support candidates who “work with anyone to do right” and “stick their neck out to lead diverse policy coalitions.” On June 13, AFP Action Senior Advisor Trey Dellinger endorsed Tate Reeves for Governor in an op-ed.