AFP-Action Supports Rep. Ted Budd in New Digital and Direct Mail Push

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Americans for Prosperity ActionSM (AFP-Action) announced today its support for re-electing Rep. Ted Budd (R-N.C.) from North Carolina’s 13th congressional district. The group will be making phone calls, canvassing, running advertisements, and sending mail in its efforts to highlight Rep. Budd’s leadership on issues it champions and will encourage North Carolinians to vote for him this November.


To view the digital ad, click here

To view “Ted Budd: North Carolina’s Champion” mailer, click here

To view “Ted Budd: Taxpayer Champion” mailer, click here


AFP Action Senior Advisor, Chris McCoy issued the following statement: 


“Rep. Budd has proven his commitment to North Carolinians by consistently voting for lower taxes, reducing unnecessary government regulations, and supporting common sense health care solutions. He has worked hard to break down government barriers so that individuals and small businesses can thrive. We urge the people of North Carolina’s 13th District to re-elect Rep. Budd in November.




Rep. Budd has a strong track record supporting policies that promote economic freedom and breaking down government barriers. He supported the landmark Tax Cut and Jobs Act that provided timely tax relief to hard working families, supported regulatory reform such as rolling back Dodd-Frank that removed unnecessary red tape for community banks, and supported common sense health care solutions like Right-to-Try legislation and the Health Savings Account expansion package.