AFP Action Illinois Endorses Richard Irvin for Governor

Springfield, Illinois – Americans for Prosperity Action (AFP Action) has endorsed Aurora Mayor Richard Irvin in his bid to become Illinois’ next governor.

AFP Action endorsed Irvin because of his exemplary record as mayor of Aurora, Illinois’ second-largest city. His opposition to bloated government spending and commitment to cutting taxes is critical after more than three years under current governor, J.B. Pritzker. Mayor Irvin is the only candidate with the executive experience necessary to save Illinois from the dangerous path that Gov. Pritzker charted.

“Illinoisans who are already getting hammered by the inflationary policies coming out of Washington have the attacks on their checkbooks compounded by a governor who just loves to raise taxes and fees,” said AFP Action Senior Advisor Jason Heffley. “We need a governor like Richard Irvin who has the experience and courage to pass balanced budgets while cutting taxes.”


During his time in office, Mayor Irvin worked to decrease city government spending, voted regularly against increased regulations on small businesses, and has been supportive of parental choice in education issues. By passing genuinely balanced budgets and cutting property taxes, Mayor Irvin proved his ability to mitigate the current spending crusade. He understands the dire state in which Illinois finds itself and is highly qualified to improve the economy and standard of living by getting government spending under control and releasing small businesses from unnecessary regulations.

AFP Action is prepared to mobilize its expansive network of trained staff and dedicated volunteers to campaign for Mayor Irvin. This is a significant endorsement, as he is only the fifth gubernatorial candidate to be endorsed by AFP Action this year.