AFP Action Endorses Juan Ciscomani for U.S. House of Representatives

Phoenix, Arizona—Americans for Prosperity Action Arizona (AFP Action AZ) today endorsed Juan Ciscomani to represent Arizona’s 6th Congressional District in the U.S. House of Representatives. 

Ciscomani earned AFP Action’s endorsement for his commitment to expanding opportunities for Americans—from over regulation to energy and standing firm against the tax-and-spend status quo in Washington.  

AFP Action Senior Advisor Stephen Shadegg issued the following statement after the announcement.

“In Congress, there are many lawmakers who think they understand the problems facing the American people. What Arizonans need is a representative who knows what he’s talking about and has the experience to back it up. 

“AFP Action AZ is excited to back a candidate who not only has expertise, but who also maintains principled positions on limiting government expansion and interference, protecting taxpayers, and disrupting a spending process too often influenced by entrenched special interests.

“Between now and Election Day, AFP Action will be mobilizing our grassroots to knock doors, make phone calls, and leverage our best-in-class digital outreach to ensure that Juan Ciscomani represents Arizona’s 6th District in Congress next year.”


Ciscomani served as Governor Doug Ducey’s senior advisor for regional and international affairs. Over more than seven years serving the governor, Ciscomani focused on issues related to trade, our outdated immigration system, and border security. Before working in government, Ciscomani spent three years as vice president of outreach in the Tucson Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, which gave him insight into the harmful impact of unnecessary and burdensome regulations on small businesses that are struggling to grow and create jobs. Ciscomani has expressed support for sound fiscal policies related to government spending and taxation.