AFP Action Announces Support for Eric Schmitt for U.S. Senate

JEFFERSON CITY, MO – Americans for Prosperity Action Missouri is announcing today its support for Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt for U.S. Senate. Schmitt’s proven track record on fiscal responsibility, government transparency, and opposition to regulatory overreach set him apart as a leader we can trust to fight for Missouri’s interests in Washington.


AFP Action – Missouri Senior Advisor Jeremy Cady issued the following statement:

“Eric Schmitt knows what matters to Missouri and he has a record we can trust. Throughout his service, Schmitt took action to help Missouri families keep more of what they earn, brought transparency and accountability to government spending, and fought against counterproductive overregulation every step of the way. The reckless policies we’re seeing in Washington could stifle economic growth for generations if we don’t have a strong voice pushing back against this fiscal and regulatory insanity. EricSchmitt is the proven leader we need to stand against Washington’s endless cradle-to-grave expansion of the federal government and rally support for a better alternative – one that empowers people, not politicians. We are excited to throw the full weight of our grassroots army behind Eric Schmitt now through Election Day.”


Eric Schmitt – A Proven Leader Missouri Can Trust

Eric Schmitt has been a tireless champion for lower taxes, fiscal responsibility, and greater transparency in government spending. As Attorney General, Schmitt pushed the Biden administration to allow flexibility in how COVID-19 relief funds were spent with regards to tax decreases in the state. As state treasurer, Schmitt launched a government spending transparency website “” that allowed residents to see how their tax dollars were being spent. As a state senator, Schmitt was a lead sponsor for SB19 which phased out the corporate franchise tax giving companies more freedom to hire new employees. In 2014, Schmitt authored legislation that would lower income taxes for Missouri residents starting in 2018. Schmitt also endorsed the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017, which lowered taxes for all Missourians.

Eric Schmitt fought to reduce burdensome rules and regulations that negatively impacted residents. As Attorney General, Schmitt called on Missouri to reconsider regulations on licensing boards, individuals, and businesses as residents were grappling with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. As state senator, he sponsored legislation that would set a limit on the percent of revenue that Missouri local governments could obtain from traffic fines and violations of city ordinances.

Eric Schmitt has been a vocal advocate for expanding education opportunities for Missouri students. As Attorney General, Schmitt signed an amicus brief in a Montana case that sought to dismantle the state’s school choice scholarship system for religious schools. As a Missouri State Senator, Schmitt voted to give students in unaccredited school districts the ability to transfer to higher quality education programs, as well as expanded options for students outside of their public school system.

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