AUSTIN, TX – Today, Americans for Prosperity Action (AFP Action) and The LIBRE Initiative Action are coming together to support a number of legislative candidates in Texas. AFP Action is endorsing eight State House and five State Senate candidates, while LIBRE Action focuses their efforts on one key State Senate primary. These candidates have shown leadership on critical issues to drive meaningful policy reform and improve lives so all Texans can succeed.


AFP Action Senior Advisor Jerome Greener’s statement on slate of endorsements:


“These candidates have a proven track record of leading on policies that will help every Texan pursue their American dream and reach their full potential. Whether it’s letting families keep more of their hard-earned dollars, ensuring every child has access to a quality education, or keeping our streets safe by being smart on crime each of these candidates have demonstrated a commitment to making Texas a better place to live, work, and raise a family.”

AFP Action and LIBRE Action are proud to endorse the following policy champions:


Eddie Lucio (SD-27): Sen. Lucio’s leadership on educational freedom has transcended partisanship and led to important reforms for Texas students receiving access to the educational opportunity best fitting their needs, regardless of income level or ZIP code.


Matt Shaheen (HD-66): As a member of the Ways and Means Committee, Rep. Shaheen has been an influential voice on policies that reduce red tape and allow Texans to elect exactly how much more local government they want and are willing to pay for. Shaheen has also been an important voice to make Texas’s criminal justice system one that is smarter on crime.  


Jeff Leach (HD-67): Rep. Leach showed important leadership to lower the tax burden on hard working Texans as well as played an instrumental role in fighting for smart on crime criminal justice reform, taking steps to ensure that our streets are safe and that those who have paid their debt to society have the opportunity to successfully return to their communities as productive members of their communities. 


Mayes Middleton (HD-23): Rep. Middleton showed leadership, even when it was politically difficult, by supporting efforts to ban taxpayer-funded lobbying. He also is a champion on educational freedom, reducing the tax burden on hardworking Texans, and reining in overzealous government spending.


Matt Krause (HD-93): Rep. Krause has influenced policies to reduce unnecessary regulatory restrictions that create barriers to opportunities and ultimately encourage innovation and principled entrepreneurship. Rep. Krause has also contributed to our education system, supporting reforms to the one-size-fits-all approach in order to create an environment where all Texan families can thrive.


Scott Sanford (HD-70): Rep. Sanford has championed expanding educational freedom so students and their families have greater access to the educational environment that works best for their unique needs. Sanford was also instrumental in securing meaningful tax reform for hardworking Texans.


Tan Parker (HD-63): Rep. Parker supported tax reform that allowed Texans to keep more of their hard-earned paychecks. He has also supported policies that keep our streets safe and allow those who have paid their debt to society to have the opportunity to successfully return as productive members of their communities. 


Jim Murphy (HD-133): Rep. Murphy is a champion on economic opportunity principles, especially his focus on lowering the tax burden for Texas families through substantial property tax reform, reducing the burdensome business margins tax, and increasing transparency with local tax abatements.


Valoree Swanson (HD-150): Rep. Swanson wants to level the playing field for all Texans and stop the practice of government picking winners and losers in the marketplace, which is why she rejected crony legislative policies. She has also supported policies that allow small businesses to prosper and spur economic growth.


Dawn Buckingham (SD-24):  Despite it being only her second legislative session, Sen. Buckingham has shown great promise and leadership in support of criminal justice reform, reducing red tape, and further promoting economic opportunities.   


Bryan Hughes (SD-1): Sen. Hughes has been a long-time champion of criminal justice reform and educational freedom. As a member of the key Criminal Justice and Education Committees, Hughes has helped pass meaningful policies to improve the lives of all Texans.


Larry Taylor (SD-11): Sen. Taylor has been one of the key leaders with providing more educational opportunity for all families in Texas, championing numerous educational freedom bills throughout his career. In addition, Sen. Taylor has been a stalwart leader in securing meaningful tax reform for hardworking Texans.

Pete Flores (SD-19):  Sen. Flores has shown real promise in his first term in the legislature by providing a key vote in securing pivotal property tax reform.

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