AFP Action Congratulates Ryan Mackenzie on Primary Victory

Lehigh, Pennsylvania—Americans for Prosperity Action congratulated State Rep. Ryan Mackenzie (LD-187) for winning the Republican nomination in Tuesday’s Pennsylvania Primary. He will go on to face Rep. Susan Wild in November’s general election.

AFP Action Senior Advisor Ashley Klingensmith issued the following statement after the race was called:

“Last year, we told Americans that we were going to be getting into more primaries, more often, because candidate quality matters. Ryan Mackenzie’s victory tonight ensures that voters in Pennsylvania’s 7th Congressional District have a clear choice in November between maintaining the status quo or ushering in a new era of principled leadership in Washington.

“We look forward to continuing our support for Ryan Mackenzie into November. We already have spoken to 70,000 voters in the 7th District and we will continue this conversation every day between now and Election Day.”