On the issues, Nick Freitas is the clear choice for Congress

In just under a week, voters across Virginia’s sprawling 7th district will head to the polls and determine the path forward for the Commonwealth and the country.

In last week’s virtual debate, voters across the district saw true contrast between Delegate Nick Freitas and Representative Abigail Spanberger’s positions on key policies.

On taxes and spending, Del. Nick Freitas stands strong for Virginia’s small businesses, rejecting tax hikes and ensuring hard-working families keep more of what they earn.

“We have a lot of small businesses here in Virginia’s Seventh District that managed to survive a pandemic but they’re not going to survive a $4 trillion tax increase.”

While Rep. Abigail Spanberger called for tax increases and more bloated, wasteful government spending.

On health care, Freitas emphasized the need to fix our health care system. Calling to:

                “Increase the supply of the doctors, the nurses, the clinic, the hospitals, the specialists.”

Freitas added:

“COPN (certificate of public need) regulations that actually prevent new services from being able to come in and help underserved areas.”

While Rep. Spanberger focused her time solely on defending our broken health care system. Calling the ACA “the program” and “the law of the land.”

On the topic of government-run health care proposals, Freitas emphasized the negative consequences such as system would cause for many Virginians”

“It’s not a public option. It’s a government-run option…. Costs to go up. Lose your health care.”

Casting his vision for health care if elected to Congress, Freitas said:

“Everyone can have access to quality and affordable health care.”

As voters continue to consider their choices this November, the choice remains clear to Americans for Prosperity Action. Our volunteers will continue to pound the pavement and encourage voters to elect Nick Freitas to Congress.