Americans for Prosperity Action Congratulates Congressman Steve Chabot on Re-election

COLUMBUS, OH– Americans for Prosperity Action ℠ tonight congratulates Congressman Steve Chabot on his re-election to Ohio’s 1st Congressional District and applauds its grassroots activists for their tireless efforts in supporting the message of breaking down barriers to opportunity throughout the district.


AFP Action Senior Advisor Micah Derry issued the following statement:


“We are proud to have played a part in re-electing a true policy champion to Congress in Steve Chabot. Steve truly embodies the spirit of removing barriers to opportunity for all Buckeyes and has been a consistent champion for taxpayers. We look forward to seeing Congressman Chabot’s important policy strides in Congress.”


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AFPA: Voters Support Budd’s Commitment to Breaking Down Barriers

November 6, 2018

AFP Action will leverage a wide range of tactics, including the country’s largest grassroots outreach and mobilization, a full-time dedicated staff, and trained volunteers to educate and mobilize voters to support our endorsed candidates. 

During the 2020 election cycle, AFP Action supported candidates nationwide with more than 8.5 million telephone calls, 1.5 million door knocks, and more than 49 million pieces of mail. AFP Action has unmatched direct voter outreach capability that is supported by a world-class data operation. 

This election promises to be our biggest effort ever in terms of the number of candidate endorsements and our direct voter engagement. Help us elevate the concerns of millions of Americans by donating today!


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AFP Action Congratulates Congressman Tom Emmer on Re-Election

BURNSVILLE, MN – Americans for Prosperity Action ℠ tonight congratulated U.S. Rep. Tom Emmer on his re-election to Minnesota’s 6th Congressional District.

AFP Action Senior Advisor Jason Flohrs issued the following statement:

“Tom Emmer has demonstrated his commitment to removing barriers to economic opportunity by supporting tax reform, increasing health care choices for our veterans, and opposing wasteful spending. We are proud to have supported Tom Emmer. He has been a consistent champion for taxpayers and we hope he continues to build on his pro-growth policies that have spurred our economy and increased opportunity for all Minnesotans.”

Americans for Prosperity Action Congratulates Marsha Blackburn on Senate Victory

NASHVILLE, TN – Americans for Prosperity Action ℠ tonight congratulates Marsha Blackburn on her election to the United States Senate. The group also thanked its volunteers for their tireless efforts in supporting Marsha and educating Tennesseans on her record of supporting tax cuts and repealing Obamacare mandates.

“We are proud to have supported our policy champion Marsha Blackburn and we congratulate her on this historic victory. We also want to thank our grassroots army of volunteers who helped us contact over one million Tennesseans for Marsha Blackburn during this critical election,” said AFP Action Senior Advisor Tori Venable. “We look forward to seeing Senator Marsha Blackburn continue to do the peoples’ work by tackling mandatory spending reforms and reducing the tax burden overall, so the rest of America can keep more of their income with lower taxes like many Tennesseans do.”

AFP Action: Hollingsworth Re-Election Proves Hoosier Support for Economic Opportunity

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Americans for Prosperity Action® (AFP Action) on Tuesday asserted that Congressman Trey Hollingsworth’s (IN-9) re-election was proof of Hoosier’s desire for fiscal restraint and greater economic opportunity. AFP Action had urged Hoosiers of Indiana’s 9th Congressional District to vote for Trey Hollingsworth after identifying the congressman as a champion of policies critical to removing barriers to opportunity and helping people improve their lives.


AFP Action Senior Advisor Justin Stevens issued the following statement:


“Another two years of Rep. Trey Hollingsworth means another two years of his active leadership against reckless Washington spending. Hoosiers can rely on Rep. Hollingsworth to prioritize principles over politics, even when it’s difficult or unpopular. Though we’ve made great strides on issues such as tax reform during his tenure, we look forward to seeing Rep. Hollingsworth make even more meaningful progress on other bold reforms that will break down barriers to opportunity and give Hoosier communities and businesses the best opportunity to thrive.”


U.S. Rep. Trey Hollingsworth has consistently led on policies that make it easier for Hoosiers to thrive. He supported the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act that increased take-home pay for millions of Americans, and he has been an outspoken opponent of the policy and fiscal nightmare that is single-payer health care. Rep. Hollingsworth was also one of just two members of Indiana’s congressional delegation to reject the $1.3 trillion omnibus spending bill in March that pushed total Washington spending above $4 trillion annually for the first time. In September, Rep. Hollingsworth was again just one of two members of the delegation to reject H.R. 6157, another huge appropriations bill that kept spending at unsustainable levels.



Rep. Trey Hollingsworth was one of only two members of Indiana’s congressional delegation to vote against the $1.3 trillion omnibus in March.

  • Final House vote results on HR 1625 (3/22/18)
  • Final Senate vote results on HR 1625 (3/23/18)

Rep. Trey Hollingsworth was one of only two members of Indiana’s congressional delegation to vote against the $854 billion spending bill in September.

  • Final House vote results on HR 6157 (9/26/18)
  • Final Senate vote results on HR 6157 (9/18/18)

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Americans for Prosperity Action: Voters Have High Hopes for Hawley

Arlington, VA – Americans for Prosperity Action(SM) congratulated Josh Hawley on his election to the U.S. Senate. The group also applauded its grassroots activists for their inspiring effort to boost Hawley’s victory and praised Missourians for making the right choice.

AFP Action Senior Adviser Jeremy Cady released the following statement:

“This election is proof Missouri voters wanted solutions, not more partisan bickering. Josh’s enthusiasm for tackling our broken health care system, growing federal debt, and government overreach is why we supported him and why we’re excited he’ll be representing Missouri.

“Our activists were nothing short of spectacular and showed that great results can be achieved with hard work and determination. And now that the elections are over, we hope Washington can come together to rise above the partisanship and deliver meaningful results to the American people.”


Activists and staff knocked on over 65,000 doors and called close to 1,000,000 Missourians advocating against Sen. McCaskill. Since taking office in 2006, Sen. McCaskill voted for the government takeover of health care, opposed qualified judges, and has contributed to a ballooning U.S. debt that has surpassed $21 trillion.