AFP Action Congratulates Ted Budd on Senate Win

AFP Action, LIBRE Action, CVA Action Congratulate Ted Budd for Winning The U.S. Senate Seat in North Carolina  
Grassroots Groups Mobilized Voters in Support of Ted Budd Through Election Day     Raleigh, NC—Today, Americans for Prosperity Action, The LIBRE Initiative Action, and Concerned Veterans for American Action congratulated Rep. Ted Budd for winning his race for the U.S. Senate Seat in North Carolina.   The grassroots groups contacted voters in support of Rep. Budd in North Carolina, with LIBRE Action leading outreach to the Hispanic community and CVA Action engaging the veteran community. Together, they sent over 7.9 million voter contact mailings, knocked on 763,224 doors, and made over a million phone calls across the state.

Tyler Voigt, senior advisor to Americans for Prosperity Action, congratulated Rep. Budd after the race was called:  “With Ted Budd in the Senate, North Carolinians can be confident that there is a principled voice advancing their interests and leading on the issues they care about most: empowering American innovation, restraining government spending, and ensuring every American has the opportunity to succeed.”

Jeffrey Baldwin, senior advisor to The LIBRE Initiative Action-North Carolina, released the following statement:  “North Carolina’s Latino community will be better off with Senator Ted Budd representing them in the U.S. Senate. During his time as a U.S. Representative, Congressman Budd demonstrated principled leadership and fiscal responsibility. We look forward to partnering with him to pass freedom-minded policies that increase opportunities for North Carolinians and get our economy back on track.”

Jose Ramos, strategic director to Concerned Veterans for America Action-North Carolina, commented on the win:  “Tar Heel State veterans and military communities now have a proven ally representing them in the U.S. Senate. We saw what Congressman Budd was able to accomplish as an advocate for veterans in the House of Representatives, and we’re eager for his principled leadership in the Senate – to restore fiscal responsibility in Washington, remove bureaucratic barriers for veterans, and pave the way for a better future for all Americans.”   


Americans for Prosperity Action leverages a wide range of tactics, including the country’s largest grassroots outreach and mobilization, a full-time dedicated staff, and trained volunteers to educate and mobilize voters to support our endorsed candidates.   During the 2022 election cycle, AFP Action supported candidates nationwide with more than 2 million telephone calls, 5.5 million door knocks, and more than 69 million pieces of mail. AFP Action has unmatched direct voter outreach capability that is supported by a world-class data operation.

The LIBRE Initiative Action support champions who promote positive policies that eliminate barriers to opportunities and build the broad coalitions in Washington needed to make them a reality. Our vision is to build movements of millions around policies that lead to a society of mutual benefit – where people succeed by helping others improve their lives – and to break the internal and external barriers that prevent people from realizing their potential.

Concerned Veterans for America Action is committed to electing champions for positive policies that promote the well-being, prosperity, and self-sufficiency of not only veterans, but also their families and their communities. But it doesn’t stop there. Veterans across the country have fought to preserve America’s prosperity. They know things like an unsustainable national debt, limitations on free expression, and a failing veterans’ health care system are challenges that should be overcome to improve the lives of not just veterans, but all Americans. To that end, CVA Action will work vigorously to elect leaders who will remove these domestic barriers to prosperity.   

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