AFP Action Endorses Rob Bresnahan’s Bid to Unseat Rep. Matt Cartwright

Scranton, Pennsylvania—Americans for Prosperity Action (AFP Action) today announced its support for Rob Bresnahan’s bid to represent Pennsylvania’s 8th Congressional District in Congress.

Owner of a local construction business, Bresnahan is prepared to advocate for policies that make it easier to start and grow businesses in the Keystone State, including cutting unnecessary red tape, keeping taxes low, unleashing domestic energy, and ending wasteful government spending that drives up inflation.

This is the fourth endorsement the grassroots super PAC has made in Pennsylvania for the 2024 election cycle. In 2023, AFP Action endorsed Pennsylvania State Reps. Ryan Mackenzie and Rob Mercuri for U.S. House and businessman Dave McCormick for U.S. Senate.

After announcing the latest endorsement, AFP Action Senior Advisor Ashley Klingensmith gave the following statement:

“For too long, Pennsylvanians have had lackluster representation in Congress. Instead of listening to constituents’ top priorities, Representatives like Matt Cartwright have advanced an agenda that grows government, grows the national debt, and grows onerous regulations that depress the economy. It’s time for new leadership in Congress and Rob Bresnahan will be part of a new generation of lawmakers in the Pennsylvania delegation that will turn the page on the status quo in Washington.”


Americans for Prosperity Action Backs Arizona Fiscal Champions for Congress

Representative David Schweikert and Arizona Speaker of the House Ben Toma Earn early support from Grassroots Super PAC

Phoenix, Arizona—Americans for Prosperity Action (AFP Action) today endorsed Arizona Speaker of the House Ben Toma (HD-27) and Representative David Schweikert (AZ-01) for U.S. House of Representatives.

The endorsements come as AFP Action prepares for a record-breaking 2024 election with the promise to engage earlier and more often—especially in primaries.

To that end, AFP Action endorsed Arizona Speaker of the House Ben Toma to run for Arizona’s eighth congressional district, which will be left open by Representative Debbie Lesko, who will retire at the end of the 118th Congress.

In Arizona’s first district, AFP Action backed incumbent Representative David Schweikert, a reliable fiscal conservative dedicated to getting the national debt under control and cutting government spending.

AFP Action Senior Advisor Stephen Shadegg gave the following statement after the announcement:

“Arizona taxpayers have had a great champion in Speaker Ben Toma. He has truly looked out for them and proven that he is an outstanding steward of taxpayer funds and a skilled negotiator as well as a tireless fighter. Thanks to him, Arizona passed the lowest flat tax in the country. In addition to scoring this win for taxpayers, Toma also shepherded legislation that created Arizona’s universal education savings accounts through the legislature. It’s time for Arizonans to promote him.

“Over ten years of serving Arizona’s first congressional district, Rep. David Schweikert has proven that he is a stalwart champion on issues related to cutting spending, keeping taxes low, and sounding the alarm about the national security threat that is our National Debt. Arizonans need him to stay where he is and continue fighting to keep Washington accountable to taxpayers.

“AFP Action is proud to endorse these candidates and ensure that they make it to Washington. Through our unrivalled network of grassroots activists, we will be pounding the pavement, dialing the phones, and spreading the word about both Rep. Schwikert and Speaker Toma.”


ICYMI: AFP Action Senior Advisor Urges Granite Staters to Back Haley

New Hampshire Advantage Depends on Turning the Page on Biden and Trump

Manchester, New Hampshire—On Sunday, Americans for Prosperity Action Senior Advisor Greg Moore penned an opinion piece in the New Hampshire Union Leader urging Granite Staters to back Nikki Haley in the much-anticipated New Hampshire Primary.

In the piece, Moore makes the case that Haley not only can beat President Joe Biden, but also will give down-ballot candidates the boost they need to preserve and expand a state policy majority in New Hampshire that prioritizes economic opportunity and expands personal freedom.

“In 2024, New Hampshire Republicans are again in a position to win big in November—provided they learn from 2022 (and 2020 and 2016). History shows that New Hampshire voters don’t like Donald Trump and they’ll punish the party that embraces him.

“Trump lost New Hampshire in the general election in both 2016 and 2020. Trump-aligned candidates lost in 2022. Another loss like that in 2024, and the tiny Republican majority in the N.H. House is in jeopardy. The Senate and the governor’s office are at risk too.

“New Hampshire Democrats would like nothing more than to see a 2024 election with Sununu off the ballot and Trump on it. Sununu has already said he’s not running for re-election. Democrats have half of their dream Republican ballot. Why give them the other half?

“In the presidential primary on January 23, Republican and independent voters could choose the candidate Democrats most want to see at the top of the GOP ticket. Or they could choose the one they most fear: Nikki Haley.”

Moore enumerates the list of top priorities that are within reach if Granite Staters write a new chapter by nominating Haley:

  • Ending runaway federal spending
  • Restoring order at the border
  • Controlling inflation
  • Reviving the American economy
  • Expanding school choice in New Hampshire
  • Keeping New Hampshire income-tax-free
  • Maintaining the state’s pro-growth tax cuts

“Granite Staters have a lot at stake in the next election. Nikki Haley gives Republicans and right-of-center independents the best odds of winning. Without her at the top of the ticket, Republicans’ most important priorities are at risk. Republicans have taken enough risky gambles lately. It’s time to back a winner. It’s time to back Nikki Haley.”


Read the full opinion piece here.

AFP Action Endorses Pat Harrigan Bid for Congress

Raleigh, North Carolina—Americans for Prosperity Action today endorsed Pat Harrigan’s bid to represent North Carolina’s tenth congressional district.

The former Green Beret and local businessman earned AFP Action’s endorsement for his thoughtful approach to our nation’s fiscal and budgetary policies, commitment to lowering taxes, cutting red tape, and his genuine interest in addressing the substandard care given to veterans who have served our country.  

AFP Action Senior Advisor Tyler Voigt gave the following statement after announcing the grassroots super PAC’s endorsement of Harrigan:

“Representative McHenry is leaving big shoes to fill with his retirement. Fortunately, Pat Harrigan is ready and willing to take on the job of representing the people of North Carolina’s 10th congressional district. As a veteran and a self-made businessman, he has the right perspective to take on Washington’s problems. He knows that heavy-handed government has made it harder to start and grow businesses, made life more expensive, and completely neglected veterans who deserve the care they were promised.

“AFP Action’s activists are ready to send a candidate committed to advancing principled policies to Washington so that Congress can get to work solving problems for the American people.”