AFP Action Congratulates Primary Victors in Georgia

Atlanta, Georgia—Americans for Prosperity Action congratulated endorsed candidates State Sen. Kay Kirkpatrick (SD-32), Speaker Pro Temp Jan Jones, and State Reps. Todd Jones (HD-25), Chuck Martin (HD-49), and David Jenkins (HD-136) for their victories in securing the Republican nominations in Tuesday’s Georgia Primary.

These lawmakers earned AFP Actions support in their primary contests for their tireless dedication to advancing freedom and economic opportunity in the Peach State.

AFP Action Senior Advisor Tony West issued the following statement after the races were called:

“This session, our elected leaders in Atlanta made impressive progress on issues that directly affect the quality of life and economic outlook of Georgians across the state. With these policy champions on the ballot, I’m confident that next session will see even more wins for the Peach State.

“I want to thank every activist who knocked doors and made phone calls who ensured that Georgians have good choices on the ballot. AFP Action will continue these efforts into November to ensure that next session is even more successful.”


AFP Action Congratulates Brad Knott on Runoff Victory

Grassroots Group Succeeds in Helping Another Policy Champion Win a Nomination

Raleigh, North Carolina—Americans for Prosperity Action (AFP-Action) congratulated Brad Knott on his victory in tonight’s runoff to win the Republican nomination for North Carolina’s 13th Congressional District.

AFP-Action endorsed Knott in the runoff for his commitment to fostering economic opportunity and mobility for North Carolinians. AFP-Action Senior Advisor Tyler Voigt issued the following congratulations after the race was called:

“Last year, AFP-Action made a commitment to seek out and endorse policy champions in more primaries. Tonight’s victory is AFP-Action delivering on that promise and ensuring that North Carolinians have the option to vote for quality candidates in November. Brad Knott is going to be the breath of fresh air we need representing the Tar Heel State in Washington. We were proud to throw our support behind him. We congratulate him on running a tightly focused campaign and also want to send out our thanks to every volunteer who made phone calls and knocked doors to bring about this victory.”


AFP Action Congratulates Ryan Mackenzie on Primary Victory

Lehigh, Pennsylvania—Americans for Prosperity Action congratulated State Rep. Ryan Mackenzie (LD-187) for winning the Republican nomination in Tuesday’s Pennsylvania Primary. He will go on to face Rep. Susan Wild in November’s general election.

AFP Action Senior Advisor Ashley Klingensmith issued the following statement after the race was called:

“Last year, we told Americans that we were going to be getting into more primaries, more often, because candidate quality matters. Ryan Mackenzie’s victory tonight ensures that voters in Pennsylvania’s 7th Congressional District have a clear choice in November between maintaining the status quo or ushering in a new era of principled leadership in Washington.

“We look forward to continuing our support for Ryan Mackenzie into November. We already have spoken to 70,000 voters in the 7th District and we will continue this conversation every day between now and Election Day.”


AFP Action Announces Next Wave of State Legislative Endorsements in Contested Georgia Races

Atlanta, Georgia—Today Americans for Prosperity Action (AFP Action) threw its support behind candidates running in contested primaries in Georgia.

State Senator Kay Kirkpatrick (SD-32) as well as Speaker Pro Temp Jan Jones and State Reps. Todd Jones (HD-25), Chuck Martin (HD-49), Lauren Daniel (HD-117), David Jenkins (HD-136) will have AFP Action’s backing in their primary races.

These lawmakers have earned AFPA’s endorsement for their commitment to protecting Georgia’s taxpayers, lowering barrier to work and employment, expanding education freedom for Georgia’s students, and supporting reforms to healthcare policy that give Georgians a personal option in health care.

AFP Action Senior Advisor Tony West issued the following statement after announcing the endorsed candidates:

“Georgians have seen amazing progress this year as the legislature embraced transformative policies to advance education freedom, increase access to healthcare, and remove barriers to employment and entrepreneurship. These champions helped get good policy to the governor’s desk, but they aren’t going to stop there, or rest on their laurels. We have more work to do to make Georgia freer and more prosperous. We need them to stay in Atlanta and keep moving freedom forward in the Peach State.”


Senator Kay Kirkpatrick

With her extensive background in medicine, Senator Kirkpatrick utilized her expertise again this term to advance policies that give Georgians a personal option. Most prominently, she served on the Senate’s Certificate of Need Reform Study Committee and was a credible and stalwart voice for the need for repealing this outdated regulation.

Rep. Jan Jones

Speaker Pro Temp Jones was integral in building support in the House for transformative education policy, Senate Bill 233. Big policy change requires top tier leadership, and Jones’ leadership on this bill contributed significantly to the bill’s eventual passage.

Rep. Todd Jones

As the House sponsor of Senate Bill 233, Rep. Jones was critical in pushing forward this important piece of legislation to empower parents to have more control over their child’s education. Additionally, he was the House sponsor for Senate Bill 429, the Small Business Protection Act which would provide the legislature with more oversight on the negative impacts regulation cane have on businesses.

Rep. Chuck Martin

As a member of the House Regulated Industries Committee, Rep. Martin has developed an expertise and been a leading voice on the need for smart regulatory policy, including occupational licensure reform, like with his sponsorship of House Bill 155. Martin is also a taxpayer champion, consistently speaking for the taxpayer and being willing to question the wisdom of expensive tax expenditures that are awarded to specific businesses or industries at the expense of the average taxpayer.

Rep. Lauren Daniel

In her first term, Rep. Daniel has shown leadership on important issues. After Senate Bill 233 failed in the House in 2023, she was one of three representatives to attend a press conference encouraging the House to continue to pursue this important legislation. Additionally, Rep. Daniel has spoken out on the need for certificate of need reform, specifically for allowing birth centers to be exempted. This policy change was included in the CON reform bill, House Bill 1339.

Rep. David Jenkins

Rep. Jenkins has been outspoken in his support of empowering people and limiting government.  A prime example of that was his sponsorship of House Bill 212 to lower occupational licensure barriers. While this bill didn’t pass, his efforts in 2023 set the stage for a similar bill to earn final passage in 2024, Senate Bill 354.

AFP Action Congratulates Sean Knox on Strong Finish in Special Election

Grassroots Groups Resolves to Continue Support through May Runoff

Atlanta, Georgia—Americans for Prosperity Action (AFP Action) today congratulated Sean Knox for a strong finish in his special election race.

Knox will go on to a runoff against Carmen Rice on May 7.

AFP Action Senior Advisor Tony West issued the following statement after the returns were counted:

“AFP Action congratulates Sean Knox on his narrow victory to represent Georgia’s 139th state house district. As the runoff approaches, AFP Action remains committed to sending Knox to Atlanta to champion educational freedom, economic opportunity, and health care reforms that will improve life for Georgians across the Peach State. Between now and the runoff, AFP Action will continue to knock doors and make calls to push Knox across the finish line.”


AFP Action Throws Support to Brad Knott in NC Runoff

Raleigh, North Carolina—Americans for Prosperity Action (AFP-Action) today announced its support for Brad Knott in the runoff election for North Carolina’s 13th congressional district.

The native North Carolinian earned AFP-Action’s support for a policy platform that promises to create more opportunity and economic mobility for the Tarheel State.

AFP-Action Senior Advisor Tyler Voigt issued the following statement after the announcement:

“North Carolinians need to send Brad Knott to Washington to reinforce our congressional delegation’s policy champions. Under President Biden, North Carolinians have suffered a drastic increase in cost of living, higher energy prices, and a sense that the American Dream is slipping away.

“North Carolina didn’t vote for the inflationary policies of ‘Bidenomics’, but they are paying the price. Brad Knott is committed to ending wasteful government spending, unleashing all American energy, and cutting the red tape that makes it harder to work and start businesses. A vote for Knott is a vote to say ‘bye bye’ to Bidenomics.”

AFP Action will be out knocking doors and making phone calls every day between now and the May 14th runoff to supplement its signature layered approach to candidate support.


AFP Action Backs Sean Knox in Georgia Special Election

Atlanta, Georgia—Americans for Prosperity Action today announced its backing of Sean Knox in the special election to replace the late Representative Richard Smith in Georgia’s 139th House District.

The local businessman and first-time candidate earned AFP Action’s support for education freedom, regulatory reform, and advancing health care policies that create a personal option for Georgians.

After announcing the endorsement, AFP Action Senior Advisor Tony West gave the following statement:

“AFP Action is excited to endorse Sean Knox in this special election. Georgians are ready for the General Assembly to adopt transformative policy. By ensuring that Sean Knox makes it across the finish line next month, Georgians will be that much closer to securing education freedom, economic opportunity, and health care reforms that will make the Peach State a freer and more affordable place to live, work, and raise a family.”


AFP Action Congratulates Pat Harrigan on Super Tuesday Primary Win

Raleigh, North Carolina—Tonight, Americans for Prosperity Action (AFP Action) endorsed candidate Pat Harrigan won the Republican nomination to represent North Carolina’s 10th congressional district.

AFP Action Senior Advisor Tyler Voigt gave the following statement after the race was called for Harrigan:

“AFP Action was proud to back Pat Harrigan and help bring him across the finish line. North Carolina’s 10th Congressional District has had fabulous representation with outgoing Representative Patrick McHenry. With Pat Harrigan on the ballot in November, North Carolinians will continue to have a representative who champions sound policy and bucks the status quo in Washington.

“I want to thank every member of our grassroots community who knocked doors and made phone calls to support Harrigan in this primary.”


In the run up to Super Tuesday, AFP Action knocked on 15,000 doors to support Pat Harrigan.

AFP Action Drops New Seven-Figure Ad Buy in Key Senate Races

Arlington, VA—Today Americans for Prosperity Action (AFP Action) released a new set of ads supporting endorsed U.S. Senate candidates in Nevada and Pennsylvania.

The $1.6 million ad buy in Nevada and Pennsylvania highlights candidates both Sam Brown and Dave McCormick as lawmakers with a history of service and the grit to vote for meaningful border security, energy abundance, and an end to Washington’s inflationary spending.

Watch ads here and here.

Watch ads here and here.

AFP Action Senior Advisor for Nevada Ronnie Najarro gave the following statement:

“For too long, Jacky Rosen has chosen to side with Chuck Schumer and her party bosses over Nevada’s best interests.

“A decorated veteran and life-long public servant, Sam Brown will be the U.S. Senator that the Battle Born State deserves. Brown has expressed his dedication to combat skyrocketing inflation and cost-of-living increases and is the best candidate to defeat Jacky Rosen this November.”

A second set of ads in Pennsylvania targets incumbent Senator Bob Casey, who over a 17-year career in Washington has voted to kill Pennsylvania jobs, expanded the national debt, and allowed fentanyl to pour in through the southern border. The ad’s closing line suggests that Casey deserves a pink slip, not another term.

Watch ads here and here.

AFP Action Senior Advisor for Pennsylvania Ashley Klingensmith gave the following statement:

“Pennsylvanians need a new leader in the Senate. Dave McCormick understands where inflation comes from: runaway government spending. He’s ready to be part of the solution by putting an end to Washington waste.

“Senator Casey is hoping that his terrible record of representing Pennsylvania voters will go unnoticed, but the fact is Pennsylvanians are reminded every day at the grocery store and at the gas pump. The Keystone State is full of economic potential, but the American Dream is out of reach for so many because Casey continues to vote against the interests of Pennsylvanians. Dave McCormick experience positions him to better advance economic opportunity for Pennsylvanians from Pitt to Philly and everywhere in between.”


AFP Action Endorses Rob Bresnahan’s Bid to Unseat Rep. Matt Cartwright

Scranton, Pennsylvania—Americans for Prosperity Action (AFP Action) today announced its support for Rob Bresnahan’s bid to represent Pennsylvania’s 8th Congressional District in Congress.

Owner of a local construction business, Bresnahan is prepared to advocate for policies that make it easier to start and grow businesses in the Keystone State, including cutting unnecessary red tape, keeping taxes low, unleashing domestic energy, and ending wasteful government spending that drives up inflation.

This is the fourth endorsement the grassroots super PAC has made in Pennsylvania for the 2024 election cycle. In 2023, AFP Action endorsed Pennsylvania State Reps. Ryan Mackenzie and Rob Mercuri for U.S. House and businessman Dave McCormick for U.S. Senate.

After announcing the latest endorsement, AFP Action Senior Advisor Ashley Klingensmith gave the following statement:

“For too long, Pennsylvanians have had lackluster representation in Congress. Instead of listening to constituents’ top priorities, Representatives like Matt Cartwright have advanced an agenda that grows government, grows the national debt, and grows onerous regulations that depress the economy. It’s time for new leadership in Congress and Rob Bresnahan will be part of a new generation of lawmakers in the Pennsylvania delegation that will turn the page on the status quo in Washington.”