VICTORY: Americans for Prosperity Action Endorsed Candidate Erika Booth Advances in Special Election

Orlando, FL—Tonight, Americans for Prosperity Action Florida (AFP Action FL) congratulated Erika Booth as she advanced in the primary to serve as the Republican nominee for House District 35. 

AFP Action FL was proud to support Booth’s vision of creating a bottom-up system of government that works to prosper the American people and deployed its grassroots efforts to educate voters ahead of election day about her policy positions. 

AFP Action Senior Advisor in Florida, Skylar Zander, made the following statement: 

“We’re thrilled to see that residents of Eastern Orange and Osceola counties agree that Erika’s values on economic progress and reforming healthcare reflect what’s best for hardworking families and businesses. 

“As a public-school teacher and having served on the Osceola County School Board, AFP Action FL was glad to rally behind Erika’s outlook on meeting the needs of individual learners and improving our education system. 

“AFP Action FL knocked on tens of thousands of doors and spoke with thousands of voters to support Erika this primary. We will continue to use its grassroots base to educate and mobilize voters in support of Booth until the January 16, 2024, special general election.”